Seizing Global Appetites: India's Quest to Dominate a ₹500 Crore Market with a Culinary Twist

Discover Makhana: India's Ancient Superfood Stepping into the Global Spotlight

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Bihar: The Heartland of Makhana Cultivation Contributing to 85% of India's Production

Makhana Market Rise From a ₹250 Crore Production to a Predicted ₹17,840 Crore Market by 2028

Global Makhana Market Growth: India's Potential to Capture Western Markets with Projected $87.10 Million by 2031

Exploring Export Potentials: The Unmatched Global Price of Makhana Highlights India's Export Opportunities

Makhana: The Rising Global Superfood—A Nutritious, Calcium-Packed Snack Gaining International Fame

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