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Our portfolio aims to harness the most powerful long-term drivers of economic growth.  Crafted by industry veterans, the portfolio is well-positioned to deliver stable, market-beating returns over years to come.


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Enhancing Portfolio Resilience
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Asset Classes, Minimizing Risk
through Variety.


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Comparing Altitude with HDFC Bank FD Rates, NIFTY 50 & BSE Sensex Historical Performance through out the Year


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Altitude’s Prism Fund provides Nifty Equivalent Returns through a Wide Spectrum of Asset Classes, Minimising Risk through Variety.

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At Altitude, we are crafting high-yield investment instruments that not only promise exceptional returns on traditional assets but also introduce essential features such as diversification and early liquidity.

Altitude envisions a financial ecosystem where superior investment opportunities yielding high returns are accessible to a wider audience. Emerging from a profound idea of transforming the alternative investment sector, Altitude aims to develop a new class of Alternative Bonds. Unlike traditional Fixed Yield Investment Platforms, Altitude ventures beyond usual Corporate and NBFC Bonds, inaugurating a fresh era of investment instruments. Here, investors delve into a domain where returns are tangible realities, boasting annual yields of 15-18%, a notable Delta of 4-5% over conventional fixed-income products. This Delta isn’t merely a statistic but reflects an earnest endeavour to enhance the financial prospects of investors.

We’re not just expanding the Fixed Income Horizon, and we’re certainly not just another run-of-the-mill Fixed Yield Investment Platform peddling mundane bonds, invoice discounting, or lease finance options.

Altitude is set to debut the National Stock Exchange with its first Structured Debt Investment Scheme called, Altitude Prism Fund. Prism Fund is a Multi-Asset fund that seeks to generate income by investing across multiple asset classes: Real Estate, Private Credit, Litigation, Inventory & Revenue based Finance, Structured Notes, and Private Equity etc. The Fund’s diverse holdings are sourced from private market opportunities that were historically off-limits to individual investors. The Altitude Prism Fund delivers a professionally-managed, multi-credit income portfolio in a single fund solution, with a low minimum

Altitude is a Structured Fixed Income Opportunity structured in the form of a Securitized Debt Instrument (SDI) which is a tradable fixed-income instrument issued in accordance with a SEBI framework. Altitude through Prism Fund offers diverse holdings sourced from private market opportunities backed SDIs which are rated by a credit rating agency and are listed on National Stock Exchange (NSE) in a demat form. It provides investors with fixed monthly payouts. For risk mitigation, all cash flows are managed by a SEBI registered trust (with an escrow mechanism to ring-fence the receivables).

Further, the rentals are also backed by a bank guarantee.

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